Park Vuzrazhdane, Zona B-5


The park has been underutilised for years and it is currently in unsatisfactory physical condition. Due to this fact the place has become a junkyard which hampers the sense of security within the area. The park is referred to some terrible urban legends in Sofia that additionally influences the image of the area.

In the recent past a skate ramp was located within the park and thus, the area was a notable place for the skating scene in Sofia. However, the facility was removed and nowadays the park is only occasionally for temporal establishment of circus installations.


The condition of the park urges for some interventions. Within the existing setting the place can become a vital public space due to the lack of green areas in this part of the city. For this purpose it is essential the citizens to reclaim the park for certain uses. A structural bottom-up intervention can be a great way to recover the connection between the local communities and the urban environment. The skating traditions within the park can be taken in consideration in a process of urban revitalisation.