Do It Together in San Franscisco

TXP (Todo Por La Praxis) is a multidisciplinary collective of architects, designers and artists based in Madrid. The collective developed a prototype called DITD (Do It Together Device) which includes a workbench and a bubble structure offering a covered and private space for renting. The prototype’s infrastructure provides the basic elements to start a collective activation process on an abandoned/unused space as a catalyst for many possible capacities. TXP established a citizen initiative for the rehabilitation of a parking lot. They managed to execute it as part of the collective’s residency at the Headlands Center For The Arts (San Francisco, CA) researching and experimenting on the transformation of urban spaces.

TXP had already gathered experience from previous projects; VUA [Guía de Vacíos Urbanos Autogestionados]- (Guide of Automanaged Urban Voids) gave way for legal and technical tools on using empty lots as a community space e.g. orchards, community gardens, sports or cultural areas and Increasis, a platform for strategies on collective reorganization of unused buildings and spaces in productive structures, which facilitated a transfer of citizen knowledge in a collaborative learning environment.

The team also initiated a platform providing the monitoring and sharing of the device.