Cami del Rec – rethinking marginalized urban spaces in Trinidad Vella, Barcelona

The team of Straddle3 rethought the concept of a “ronda” path by designing outdoor sports, recreation and resting areas following a participatory process from the design to construction of the outdoor gymnastics area.

The project is located in the green belt surrounding the Trinitat Vella neighborhood which it seperates from the highway and constitutes an important cultural heritage landmark with Rec Comtal (irrigation canal) being there since the Medieval times. The project also highlights how the cultural memory of this heritage site is recovered as reflected through several of the design concepts, such as the same “new” name for the road, the introduction of natural materials and earth based colours,  tracings which are reminiscent of water flowing and an homage to the existing vegetation with an additional renaturalisation consisting of indigenous flora found in the riverbank.

The main design elements of the project varied between road connectivity between focal points of local resident circulation, a local request for more lighting to increase sense of security and an open-air sports space to promote social inclusion and leisure activites. 

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