Zona B-5, spaces in-between apartment buildings


Typically for most of the public place within / nearby large appartment buildings the existing urban spaces are underutilised and under-maintained. In the specific case the environment is consisted of multiple urban design elements which can be used for multiple purposes.


Considering the fact that these apartment buildings are considerably spacious and inhabited with large number of citizens a possible improvement of the environment can have social effect. It seems that interventions through community engagement could improve essential qualities of the urban areas such as social cohesion.

The existing intersting spatial forms provide the potential for creating integrated skating plazas which will simultaneously improve the physical quality and the activity degree of the spaces.

How-to manual

1) Promote the idea to the local community, the residents and verify if there is a support for the idea;

2) Get familiar with the legal framework in respect to the particular public space – the park is defined as public space within zone six by the “Ordinance on movable objects for advertising, information and monumental decorative elements and advertising activities on the territory of Sofia Municipality”;

3) Get in touch with the mayor of the district and discuss possibilities while incorporating local citizens during the negotiations.

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