Participatory Process “Genera Barri”

The SOSTRE association presents generA [barri]: a pilot project for the improvement of the urban space with a gender perspective that will be developed in the neighborhoods of Favara, L’Hort de Senabre and La Creu Coberta (Jesús-Patraix).

One of the central aims of the project is to respond to the specific urban needs of women in the daily use of the city and encourage their participation, and given the profile and purposes of their groups, we trust that the project will be of interest.

GenerA [barri] is a pilot project for the improvement of the city that contemplates the diversity of experiences that come together every day in the city (childhood, third age, gender, cultural origin, etc). The objective is to detect the urban needs that arise from the daily life in the neighborhood, evaluate if the environment adapts to them and make improvements to achieve more friendly and integrating spaces.