BOGADA – *At the Bull

The place is settled under big trees with a surrounding short wall at Bull Square, one of the most important meeting points of Kadikoy, Istanbul. The intervention is held by a collaboration of the collectives, Architecture for All (HiM), Design Atelier Kadıköy, Hablar en Arte, designtrak, Repairs Club, Todo Por La Praxis and Pico Colectivo in order to enhance existing qualities and improve the use of the space. The place was selected by the collectives, then its uses and needs were analysed through observations and interviews. Significant issues with adequate or ineffective seating areas were identified and residents were invited to participate in the production through an open call.   

Double sided benches by metal box profiles and wood were designed, which would hang on the existing short wall to increase number of seating. The place was painted with colourful stripes to accentuate identification. Participants were trained in welding iron as well as wood cutting so that they could construct the furniture on their own without any exterior help. 

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