• Laws & Regulations
  • Recipes & Suggestions
  • Campaigns & Actions
  • Abuses & Complaints
  • Interesting practices
  • External tools


  • Harassment & Discrimination
  • Self-management & Discrimination
  • Urban Culture
  • Knowledge & Education
  • Ecology & Sustainability
  • Play & Sport
  • Communication & Dissemination
  • Gentrification & Privatization
  • Others
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PST is a digital toolkit for citizen empowerment based on critical, creative, or unconventional uses of public space. It is intended as means to share and amplify alerts and reports of abuses of power, but also good ideas, creative formulas, and interesting practices from all over, taking into account the legal layer which is often confusing or opaque.

PST is intended to support the efforts of the many groups and collectives who are committed to reclaiming public space as a Commons, to fighting for it and enjoying it with others.

PST is a project of Straddle3 + t/ejido. It’s been developed with the initial support of… bla bla

The development of this version.. bla bla